Dave Shifflett

Senior Software Engineer in Chicago

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Dave Shifflett

About Me

My name is Dave, and I’m a senior software engineer living and working in Chicago. I enjoy solving problems and learning new things across different disciplines while continuing to advance as the landscape changes. Over the years, I have gained expertise with many different ecosystems, frameworks, platforms, and languages. Presently, most of my work is in cloud and web technology.

I moved to Chicago after growing up desiring the experiences of a first-tier, dense, urban city. Chicago’s history, architecture and skyline, summers, parks, water, and rattling elevated trains make it a good home for me.

Prior to moving to Chicago, I found myself in Baltimore. I enjoyed my short time there immensely, identifying the city’s odd local culture as one well suited to my personality. After completing my Bachelor of Science degree from the at , I remained in Baltimore for a few years where I started my formal software engineering career before moving to Chicago.

Some of my other interests include food, gaming, linguistics, and transportation. Cooking and baking is an gratifying daily escape for me, and I also enjoy dining out when the opportunities arise. I am a casual gamer, enjoying games of the classic console, open-ended simulation, strategy, and social tabletop varieties. I am a fluent English speaker and have a limited working proficiency in Spanish.